The Good In Me

by Mascots

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released February 17, 2017

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Seth Henderson at Always Be Genius Studio in Crown Point, Indiana.

Album art by: Sumer Odum



all rights reserved


Mascots Cincinnati, Ohio

Queen City
Pop Punk

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Track Name: Growing Old
I'm the shell of a man with walls to the sky
One chance at resentment, you know I'll try

I'm the furthest thing from innocent but I'm done with being broke

Always up for the letdown
It seems you've got nothing to say now
Just hold your breath until you turn my favorite shade of blue

I've seen you walk across the room too many times and I've come to realize

I'm just so small in the heart of it all
I tried to stand tall but I'm growing old
You'll never know who the real me is, just give me the strength to get through this
You'll never know who the real me is
You'll never know

The story's played out and limbs overgrown
Forever cold, as cold as stone

You'd like know what you made of me
So close your crying eyes

I've seen you walk across the room too many times and it's time you realize

When I looked up got fucked up
Now all I see
The happiness and testament of what we could be
Track Name: Altruistic
It's my own selfish tendencies that keep me up at night
It's in the back of my mind
I'm over wasting time

Take a snapshot of me two years past
The poster boy for shit that will never last
I'll spend everyday hoping for change

I'll keep running away, running away from all the love that's thrown to me
If I should stay I'll die this way
Would you like me anyway?

Altruistic, you put me up to this inconsistence
I brought this on myself
Maybe these prayers are wasted breath
Maybe you're never coming back
Maybe these prayers are wasted breath
Maybe you're never coming back

Honestly this has got to be the worst intentions that were meant for me
I gave you everything
I gave you everything
I'm a fallen tree that will rot away eventually
Track Name: Perspective
I'd change me if I could and I know you'd do the same

Believe me, I want to be back at nineteen
I was so careless and carefree
But I'm so far it seems like I'll always be stuck here worrying

None of them suffice like the thought of you
Lift me up, raise my hopes, and then make me new

It's tearing at my conscious
Always makes weak
A new perspective seen so differently
Tearing at my conscious always makes me think
I only hope you see the, see the good in me

It was so easy back then when you've got nothing left to lose
Life comes up so suddenly when the ground falls out from under me

I've been hating myself for everything that I've done
I've been convincing myself that I'm not doing this wrong